ESPN continues to leverage their roster of talent while expanding their audio offerings, with the latest example today’s newly-announced Bald Men on Campus podcast.

The pod, hosted by Jay Bilas, LaPhonso Ellis, and Seth Greenberg, will obviously focus on college basketball, with the debut episode coming October 14th in advance of the college season tipping off in November. The three men host an ACC Network show of the same name, and that isn’t going anywhere either, returning in January.

Via ESPN’s announcement:

“Nothing has made me want to grow hair more than being a part of Bald Men on Campus,” said Bilas. “This podcast gives us the opportunity to talk about all the biggest issues in college basketball with the best coaches and players as guests and the best broadcasters in the business as hosts…and the most humble.”

Ellis added, “I’m excited to join my fellow bald headed brethren on Bald Men on Campus the podcast! We will talk about all things college hoops, have player/coach interviews, give team/player analysis and more in a light but informative way! I can’t wait!!!”

Greenberg added, “Bald Men on Campus podcast will be a conversation with three basketball lifers that look at the game through their own unique prism. We will bring on coaches and other unique voices of the game.”

The show joins the ever-expanding list of ESPN podcasts featuring on-air talent:

The debut of the Bald Men on Campus podcast marks another recent addition to the always-expanding ESPN Podcasts lineup, which also saw the premiere ofIn The Crease – The ESPN NHL Podcast(Sept. 20), Organized Chaos with Rex Ryan and Bart Scott (Sept. 13), The ESPN College Football Podcast(Aug. 30), ESPN’s 30 for 30 podcast The King of Crenshaw (Aug. 23), Black History Always with Clinton Yates (July 28) and the UFC-focused DC & RC with Daniel Cormier and Ryan Clark (July 8).

There’s a trailer episode up now, if you’re curious.


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