Jeff Triplette Nov 6, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; NFL referee Jeff Triplette (42) during the first quarter between the Cleveland Browns and the Dallas Cowboys at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Cowboys won 35-10. Mandatory Credit: Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a new voice coming to ESPN’s Monday Night Football coverage, and his selection is reportedly thanks to a push from the NFL. Football Zebras’ Cameron Felipe broke the news Wednesday that ESPN has hired former referee Jeff Triplette (seen above during a 2016 Dallas Cowboys-Cleveland Browns game), who retired from officiating at the end of last season, to replace former rules analyst Gerry Austin (who left last week to take a consulting role with the Oakland Raiders, now coached by former MNF boothmate Jon Gruden). And Felipe adds that the NFL was involved in Triplette’s selection:

Nearly six months off his retirement, Jeff Triplette is slated to join ESPN as a rules analyst along with newcomers Joe Tessitore and Jason Witten in the Monday Night Football booth, according to officiating and network sources. Football Zebras has also learned that the NFL specifically steered ESPN to hire Triplette. He will be replacing former referee Gerald Austin, who has served on the MNF team since 2012.

So that’s interesting, especially considering the tensions that have arisen between ESPN and the NFL over time. Of course, that relationship reportedly saw particular strain near the end of former ESPN president John Skipper’s tenure, and has reportedly gotten better under interim replacement George Bodenheimer and eventual full-time replacement Jimmy Pitaro. Even the playoff game that many thought would be moving to Fox is still with ESPN for now. Maybe agreeing to hire the particular former referee the NFL wanted is another way for ESPN to appease the league.

But it’s notable that Triplette has been oft-criticized by football fans and media, and that many lit this move up on Twitter. Both the Football Zebras story and Pro Football Talk’s story got ratioed. Here are some of the replies:

That last one is from Triplette’s final game, the Titans-Chiefs playoff game this past season, which took criticism from Fox rules guru Mike Pereira:

Further criticism came from ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, who penned a piece titled “Officiating in Titans-Chiefs was ‘horrible,’ but it didn’t decide the game.” And there are plenty of other pieces bashing Triplette’s work in Titans-Chiefs. So yeah, those are not exactly glowing reviews. Of course, hires of almost any referee would have taken some criticism, but it seems unlikely it would have caused this much. And if ESPN had just looked through former officials and decided to hire Triplette, they’d deserve a lot of criticism themselves.

But the reported NFL push here makes this particularly interesting. If the NFL wanted a specific guy, it’s understandable why ESPN went along with that, given how important that relationship is to them. But it’s worth wondering just why the NFL wanted Triplette, and it will be interesting to see how he does in the booth.

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