As part of their coverage around the Ravens-Saints Monday Night Football game, ESPN dropped a trailer for the upcoming Baltimore Ravens 30 for 30.

The film will focus on the 2000 Super Bowl team, and is called Bullies of Baltimore.

Among those interviewed in the trailer: Brian Billick, Ray Lewis, Shannon Sharpe, and the late Tony Siragusa. Ken Rodgers (director of six 30 for 30s and various other NFL Films projects) and Jason Weber directed the feature.

The Ravens doc was initially announced in May, and will premiere in February. That’s always been a popular time for ESPN to release a 30 for 30, and football-related 30 for 30s have aired in late January/early February every year since 2016 (The ’85 Bears, This Was the XFL, The Two Bills, Deion’s Double Play, Vick, Al Davis vs the NFL, The Tuck Rule). We can go ahead and add Bullies of Baltimore to that list.

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