The main SportsCenter desk

ESPN’s long-term plans for its SportsCenter franchise are beginning to crystallize.

On Monday, the network announced extensions for several prominent anchors and outlined a new lineup of SportsCenter programming.

Here’s how it will shake out:

Mayne, Levy, Anderson, Buccigross, Steele and Storm have all signed new extensions to remain at ESPN, according to a release.

ESPN says this realignment will further the network’s goal of having personality-driven SportsCenter shows. The Worldwide Leader theorizes that consumers can go anywhere for sports news and that the only way to stage a successful highlight show is to build loyalty to individual personalities. Gone are generic SportsCenters with anchors you may or may no recognize (many of whom were laid off last month). In are branded SportsCenters with highly visible hosts.

ESPN has pushed this strategy for several years now, with mixed results. Scott Van Pelt’s highly personalized SportsCenter seems fairly popular, while SC6 (at least judging by Awful Announcing’s Twitter mentions and Facebook comments) seems less so, though ratings for both are fine.

Regardless, ESPN is clearly all-in on this concept. It seems that if the SportsCenter franchise has a future, it will feature lots of personality-driven formats.

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