If you follow just about any ESPN employees on Twitter, you’ll have already been made aware of the current reply-all chain that’s dominating the conversation.

For anyone who hasn’t worked in a corporate environment, apparently someone accidentally sent a company-wide email. As per usual, a few people decided (probably correctly) that it’d be funny to hit reply-all, which obviously would once again go to everyone. Things tend to spiral from there. There’s no telling how long it will go. Reply-all situations, like coal mine fires, have to burn out naturally.

And now, a selection of reply-all related tweets:



A few folks outside ESPN were even moved to envy:

And some people chimed in with potential solutions:

Thank you, Sir John. I’m sure that will be passed along to tech support.

In the end, though, it did burn out, but only after more than a hundred company-wide emails:

Shayna Hayes offered this requiem, which is probably the best way to describe a welcome break from the corporate routine:

Somebody at ESPN should really send a company-wide email advising the company to avoid company-wide emails.

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