The Infinite Race

After the rush of 30 for 30 installments over the spring, we’ve been in something of a dead period in the second half of this year. The only new 30 for 30 since the start of summer has been the multi-part feature The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius, which debuted on ESPN+ in late September.

But in December, we’re getting a new film in the series (though with the Heisman ceremony moving to January, it won’t be airing in the once standard post-Heisman slot that has been ceded to boxing in recent years). On Monday, ESPN announced that The Infinite Race would premiere on December 15th at 8 PM on ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

Here’s a brief description of the film, which is directed by 30 for 30 newbie Bernardo Ruiz (known for ReporteroHarvest Season, and the USA v. Chapo miniseries)

The documentary explores the story of the Tarahumara, an indigenous community in Mexico, famed for their legendary running ability, and their preference for running barefoot, who inspired an ultrarunning craze across the world, and what’s happened as their homes and communities were ravaged by drug cartels and violence.

Unfortunately, no matter how interesting this topic may seem, it doesn’t seem like it’ll have the widespread appeal we saw with many of the films from the spring since it lacks prominent athletes and teams. On the bright side, there’s no college football on the 15th, and the college basketball slate (as currently constructed) doesn’t look all that strong, so maybe more sports-hungry fans than expected will tune in.


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