The NCAA tournament is upon us and with so many college basketball teams, it can be easy to confuse a mascot or a nickname among various tournament previews. People may not confuse Florida and Florida State but maybe when it comes to Utah and Utah State, someone might unfortunately call Utah State the Utes and Utah the Aggies.

This happened with New Mexico State as the Aggies were either referred to as “New Mexico” (who isn’t in the tournament) or the “New Mexico State Lobos,” which is New Mexico’s nickname.

First it was ESPN, who had bigger issues Monday when they accidentally revealed the women’s tournament bracket hours before their own reveal show. In one of their articles, it was discovered by a New Mexico State news Twitter account that an ESPN article left out the “State” and instead listed New Mexico as in the University of New Mexico Lobos, who are not in the men’s tournament.

Not to be outdone, Sports Illustrated got the right school but got the nickname wrong and referred to them as the “Lobos” instead of the “Aggies.”

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just that for a school like New Mexico State, who don’t really have too many moments like this, it’s their moment in the sun for a big tournament such as this. It’s gotta be a bit disheartening for fans to see the wrong school or mascot listed instead of them.

[Photo: @AgsBleedCrimson]

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