Today was Elle Duncan’s last day on SportsCenter ahead of maternity leave, as she prepares for the birth of her second child.

Signing off at the end of her daily broadcast with longtime co-host Matt Barrie, Duncan was afforded the opportunity to say a few words. She didn’t waste her chance.

We didn’t have Duncan going with a sexual interpretation of a Berman catchphrase in the pool, but then we also didn’t have Matt Barrie doubling down with an interracial cupcake joke that led Duncan to bury her face in her pages as the credits rolled.

Barrie: “It’s moments like that where I’ll miss her, but it’s moments like that where I won’t have to…”

Duncan; “Apologize on the post-game call?”

The segment/the news was met with plenty of positive reaction from her media colleagues:

We obviously wish Elle nothing but the best in her time away, and we look forward to having her back with Matt Barrie in a few months for more moments like this one.

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