Eli Manning Photo: Peyton’s Places

Eli Manning followed in his older brother’s footsteps when he became an NFL quarterback. Now that both have retired from playing football, it appears that Eli is set to follow in Peyton’s footsteps once again.

The New York Giants great revealed that he is getting his own show on ESPN+ starting this fall. Titled Eli’s Places, the show is going to be similar to Peyton’s Places where Peyton Manning visits various people both in and out of football to discuss some of the stories that made the NFL what it is today. For Eli, his show will have him visit college campuses and get a taste of the college football world across the country.

Eli’s Places looks to be the latest in Disney’s attempt to add more original content to ESPN+. It makes sense to add more original content because it’s content that Disney owns and it’s evergreen content that can be watched whenever you want. Not to mention, the occasional broadcast of an ESPN+ show on linear TV can be a half hour long advertisement for the streaming service.

Last December, Peyton hinted that versions with Abby Wambach (soccer), Ronda Rousey (UFC), and David Ortiz (MLB) were in the works and that might be the key to keep fans of a specific sport subscribed to ESPN+. Being a show about college football, Eli’s Places can be something for college football fans to watch in the offseason and maybe keep some of those fans from unsubscribing when the season is over.

[Photo: Peyton’s Places]

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