Mike Greenberg breaks to Get Up Eagles coach Brian Johnson’s firing. Screengrab via ESPN.

Ah, the wonders of live television. ESPN morning show ‘Get Up’ couldn’t time their discussion of the Philadelphia Eagles and their offensive struggles any better on Tuesday morning. That’s because in the middle of Louis Riddick breaking down the reasons behind the team’s sudden collapse at the back end of the season, Mike Greenberg was ready to break some news.

Riddick was talking about how the Eagles had failed Jalen Hurts when Mike Greenberg stepped in. And in true breaking news fashion, he held his hand up to his ear to report that Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson had been fired.

“Literally in the moment that you were saying that, I was being told that Brian Johnson is out as offensive coordinator in Philadelphia,” Greenberg said.

To his credit, Riddick didn’t skip a beat in his analysis of the situation in Philadelphia and why the decision to part ways with their offensive coordinator was a good one.

“That is the most pressing issue,” Riddick said. “You would think that Nick has enough control over this thing top down to say, ‘Look this is how we need to use him, this is how we need to continue to develop him,’ and it went terribly wrong. Something went wrong.”

It was a case of extraordinary timing and a great job by the crew on set to deal with the news in real time.