O.J. Simpson is set to be paroled sometime after October 1 and after being back in the media spotlight, one might think that some outlet would be interested in hiring him, whether it would be in sports or entertainment. However, some power brokers in Hollywood say that it’s unlikely that anyone would want to approach him citing his volatile past.

Variety reports that producers have actually approached Simpson to be the subject of a reality series once he’s out of prison, but media execs and agents say his reputation is mud due to his 1995 double murder trial and his conviction for a 2007 armed robbery.

While news organizations and talk shows would likely clamor to be the first to have Simpson’s exit interview once he’s released, one agent tells Variety that people are OJ’d out after the FX miniseries “The People vs. OJ Simpson,” and the Oscar-winning 30 for 30 doc series “O.J.: Made in America.”

“After the doc and TV series, I’m pretty sure the public has had their fill of O.J.,” the agent said.

And a publicist doubted that anyone would watch even if Simpson got a reality show.

“Do people really care anymore?,” the publicist said. “Most of us who lived through that have moved on as well.”

Before the murder trial, Simpson was a commercial pitchman and worked for both ABC and NBC Sports as both a NFL and an Olympics analyst. Here he is calling the men’s 100 meters final at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics on ABC with none other than Al Michaels:

He also was in the first two Naked Gun movies. After his murder trial acquittal, Simpson was toxic to Hollywood so it’s not hard to imagine that he would be still be so come October or whenever he’s released form prison.

For those thinking that he might become a recurring guser on one of FS1’s studio shows, you may have to think again.

During his parole hearing, Simpson said he had turned down requests for interviews so perhaps he’s thinking of living the rest of life quietly and away from the media glare.


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