Dick Vitale in hospital around a February 2022 surgery. (@DickieV on Twitter.)

Famed ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale has battled both lymphoma and vocal cord dysplasia over the past few months, with the latter condition leading to him announcing he’d have to take first a few weeks, then the rest of this season off. The move to take off the rest of the season was prompted by his doctor telling him he needed vocal cord surgery, and Vitale underwent that surgery Tuesday. Vitale has been consistently updating his fans and the college basketball world on how things are going for him through his Twitter account, and he sent out the news Tuesday night that his doctor was pleased with the surgery results, although overnight monitoring will be needed:

Vitale’s post led to a lot of people sending him further expressions of support. And it’s good to hear that the surgery seemed to go well. Hopefully his recovery will be smooth and he’ll be able to return to ESPN’s airwaves in time for the next college basketball season.


[Dick Vitale on Twitter]

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