Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird were featured on ESPN’s MegaCast during the NCAA women’s Final Four and national championship game.

Friday night, Taurasi went viral while providing analysis for the South Carolina Gamecocks team. But it was the way she described the Gamecocks length that caused jaws to drop.

“There’s where that length comes into play right there,” Taurasi said during the Gamecocks victory over Louisville. “Like in those other games she was finishing in the lane, the length of the ‘Cocks is long.”

Bird responded to the unexpected innuendo by taking a sip out of her Solo Cup, creating a perfect moment of prolonged awkward silence. But Bird and Taurasi weren’t done with the sexual innuendos, saving their best for Sunday night’s national championship game between the Gamecocks and UConn.

“It’s a game of inches,” Bird said with a smirk, setting her teammate up like the hall-of-fame point guard she is. And as expected, Taurasi delivered.

“It’s a game of inches, ask the Cocks,” Taurasi said. “And they’re taking those inches.”

“Do you take those inches?” Bird asked.

“Absolutely,” Taurasi answered.

My goodness, those are some deep basketball observations. Eli flashed America the double bird once, but the Manningcast never turned ESPN into a ate-night TV watching experience quite like Bird and Taurasi did. Fans are going to be clamoring for Bird, Taurasi and their solo cups to return next year, or maybe sooner.

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