Peyton Manning and David Letterman in 2014.

The ManningCast (or, as ESPN calls it, Monday Night Football With Peyton And Eli) has landed one of its most notable guests to date. The Omaha Productions account announced Friday that David Letterman will be a guest with Peyton and Eli Manning Monday, during their coverage of the New England Patriots-Buffalo Bills game:

Both of the Mannings have significant history with appearing on Letterman’s CBS Late Show With David Letterman (those clips are just a couple of the many times they showed up there), so this makes some sense. They haven’t yet appeared on his Netflix show, but maybe that’s coming.

At any rate, Letterman has shown a lot of sports interest over the years, from occasional work in that field to bits on his shows to sending his mother to the Olympics to a SportsCenter guest appearance to co-owning a racing team to a recent appearance at Nets’ media day. And it feels like he might be a great ManningCast guest. We’ll see how this turns out.

[Omaha Productions on Twitter]

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