ESPN's Dave McMenamin rescued this dog Tuesday.

Tuesday was a highly unusual day on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ beat for ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. McMenamin was in San Antonio to cover Tuesday night’s Cavaliers-Spurs game, and after morning shootaround at the AT&T Center, he saw a dog weaving in and out of traffic nearby. So McMenamin stopped, picked up the dog, and got Twitter advice on where to take him. That led to quite the Twitter story.

McMenamin and Buddy eventually arrived at the animal shelter, and they found that Buddy had a chip, so perhaps his owners can be located. But if not, McMenamin tweeted out Buddy’s ID number for those able to and looking to adopt him:

Now that’s certainly an unusual day on the beat. But McMenamin handled this really well, taking time out of his day to make sure the dog was safe and taken care of, and putting out information on how to adopt him if owners don’t come forward. That’s a long way from a reporter’s usual duties, but it’s cool to see. Good for him.

[Dave McMenamin on Twitter]

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