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The sports world has been paying tribute to former ESPN personality Howie Schwab, who died Saturday, and longtime friend Dan Patrick had plenty to say on the topic on his show Monday.

Schwab had a legendary knowledge of sports statistics and trivia, which he displayed as the star of ESPN’s Stump the Schwab show, which ran on ESPN2 and ESPN Classic from 2004 through 2006.

Yet he played a valuable role behind the scenes at ESPN as a statistician and producer on SportsCenter and Outside the Lines. Patrick opened his Dan Patrick Show with a touching tribute that acknowledged Schwab’s brilliance.

“Before we get started, I want to say goodbye to a lifelong friend who just passed away over the weekend, Howie Schwab,” Patrick said. “I’ve know Howie for probably over 30 years … Howie was sports Google before sports Google. Google would have Googled Howie Schwab — he’s the smartest guy that I ever met when it comes to sports knowledge, trivia, information.

“When I first started at SportsCenter, I was lucky to have Howie Schwab there, because he made us all better. He loved the bottom line, and that is getting the information from wherever he is finding it, to you while you’re still on the air.”

Patrick shared a couple of anecdotes, such as when Ken Griffey Jr. hit a home run, and Schwab rushed to get the relevant information to the SportsCenter anchors.

Patrick concluded his tribute by calling Schwab “A generous, wonderful person.”

[The Dan Patrick Show; Photo Credit: The Dan Patrick Show]

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