Billy "Guillermo" Gil won this Dan Le Batard Show footrace.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is known for shenanigans, so much so that it has extensive Wikipedia and Reddit coverage of various bits, and the cast got up to a particularly notable one Wednesday with a bunch of footraces.

First, here’s one between Pablo Torre, Amin Elhassan, and producer Billy “Guillermo” Gil, complete with incredible play-by-play commentary from Le Batard:

“Oh, bad start, bad start! Faster! Faster! Guillermo! GUILLERMO! GLORIOUS GUILLERMO! Tracked down Amin with a good start! Hunted him down like a dog in the street! Oh my god, Guillermo! Oh my god! Long strides, chased him down!”

Perhaps Le Batard is preparing for a career move to calling track and field. In any case, this race was hilarious. And it led to controversy, with analysis of the finish:

Elhassan then came into the studio and claimed he thought the race was already over when Gil caught him:

Gil responded with the photo in question:

And there was a later race where fellow producer Chris Cote subbed in for Gil and promptly won:

Elhassan later gave a “post-race press conference” on Periscope:

As for Torre, he claimed that the others’ exercise was performance-enhancing:

That was just hilarious all around. Maybe more ESPN shows should adopt this format. Who wouldn’t want to see Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman shift from trying to outyell each other to trying to outrun each other?

[Clippit; photo via Billy Gil on Twitter]

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