Dan Dakich

There’s often some attention paid to how an announcer sounds on the air, which has led to concerns from everyone from Thom Brennaman to Joe Buck to Michael Kay on how their voice has held up (sometimes around surgical procedures). The latest announcer to have some discussion around his voice is Indianapolis radio host and ESPN color analyst Dan Dakich, who drew some attention for a raspy voice during Tuesday’s Michigan State-Penn State game and then drew further attention Thursday during his work as a color analyst on the Illinois-Ohio State game (alongside play-by-play broadcaster Jason Benetti).

Here’s a clip of what he sounded like Thursday, from AA’s Ben Koo:

And here’s some of the Twitter commentary on that:

There’s plenty of other Dakich criticism (and some praise) out there, and a lot of people talking about him saying “We need more hookers” about hook shots:

But it’s certainly interesting to see that much commentary about an analyst’s voice.

[Ben Koo on Clippit]

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