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While Damien Woody is more known for his time with the New England Patriots and Detroit Lions, the two-time Super Bowl Champion turned ESPN analyst has gravitated more towards the New York Jets in his post-playing career days.

Woody, a common fixture on Jets Twitter (now X), is now a mainstay on ESPN’s Get Up. On Thursday, he, alongside Mike Greenberg, Dan Orlovsky, Kimberley A. Martin and Harry Douglas, participated in a segment appropriately named: “Big Man, Tiny Helmets.”

The segment is how the cast of Get Up picks games on Thursdays. They take three of the games on this weekend’s NFL calendar and Woody smashes the helmet, with a mallet, of the team he thinks is going to lose.

After smashing the helmet(s) of the Giants and Saints, Woody picked the big match-up of the week between the New England Patriots and New York Jets. Woody picked the J-E-T-S, who have lost 14 straight games to the Patriots and when he smashed the New England mini-helmet, he not only flattened it, but the other piece of it went flying.

When Get Up returned from a commercial break, they had an injury update to share.

“We have an injury update,” Greenberg said. “When smashing helmets, Damien Woody suffered a significant cut to his finger. D-Wood, how are we doing?”

“We’re good. I’m not gonna be placed on injured reserve,” Woody replied. “We’re just gonna keep pushing this thing through.”

Fortunately, Woody appears to be OK.

Of course, it happened when he smashed the Patriots helmet, which he called a bad omen for Sunday’s game.

Let’s hope not.

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