College GameDay: Week 7

College GameDay turned heel earlier this week when they spurned the SEC and picked Michigan-Wisconsin in Ann Arbor. Despite LSU’s loss, Georgia’s trip to Baton Rouge today seemed like a sure pick for Lee Corso and the gang. Twitter was perplexed by the decision, and SEC fans were downright salty:

But Tiger fans can rest assured that GameDay will almost certainly travel to the Red Stick in just a few weeks when Coach O’s men take on what will likely be another #1 ranked Alabama team.

Speaking of Alabama, Rece Davis’s interpretation of a Nick Saban press conference gave me life. Despite winning 65-31 last week, Saban’s face was one of a man who just discovered he stepped in dog shit. The Crimson Tide has the most prolific offense in college football, but Sourpuss Saban couldn’t resist complaining about his defense. To be fair, his defense isn’t as dominant as it has been in the last several years, but honestly Saban maligning any aspect of his football team is like the hottest girl in your high school complaining that she’s too tall.

Enough about Saban, let’s talk about this week’s GameDay episode.

Game: #15 Wisconsin Badgers vs. #12 Michigan Wolverines
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Did Opposing Fans Show Up: There was only a smattering of Wisconsin fans in a sea of maize and blue.
Washington State Flag Status: For the 216th game, the Cougar flag flew proudly. So was that of self-proclaimed National Champion UCF.

Laviska Shenault: The Player Opponents Dread

To refer to Laviska Shenault as “Colorado wide receiver” would be doing him a disservice. The junior has lined up at every offensive position except guard, center, and tackle. Laviska, was a 3-star recruit coming out of high school, but was clearly talented as he received offers from the likes of Alabama. Through five games this year, he is averaging 13.9 yards per catch, has 708 receiving yards, and has racked up six receiving and four rushing touchdowns. He gets his strength from his family and from his signature dreadlocks that he has been growing since a personal tragedy nearly a decade ago.

In July 2009, Laviska’s life changed when his father was struck and killed on the side of the highway as he was walking the perimeter of his car to switch driving positions with his tired wife. Laviska Junior was just 10 years old. Since then he has channeled his strength and energy into football, and it’s certainly paying off this year. His dreads are now 19 inches long and, like his hair, Laviska’s greatness only continues to grow.

Trivia Questions (answers at the end of the post):

What was the last thing Mike Leach googled?
For how many years have Pitt and Notre Dame played each other?

Best Sign

This sign will be Saban’s cause of death.

Worst Sign

My laminated list is just Jim Harbaugh written five times, so I firmly disapprove of pictures like this:

You Had One Job Winner: Josh Norman

“Hey bro, let’s swap jerseys.”
“Yea dude. Give this a tug.”
::47 hours later::
“Never mind.”
“Yea. I’m good.”

Guest Picker: The Chainsmokers

I’ll let Jim handle this one:

Evidently, this is the Chainsmokers’ second appearance on the show and it’s very much a “we’re totes hip and a cool” move by GameDay.

Lie of the Week:

This is a new segment. Evander Holyfield’s son, Elijah, is the leading rusher for Georgia. Even so, I dispute Evander’s claim that people now refer to Evander as ‘Elijah’s Dad’.

Corso’s Headgear Pick
In a shock to absolutely nobody, Desmond and the Chainsmokers picked Michigan.
Corso, who as a head coach was 0-4 at the Big House and was outscored 155-51, he proclaimed that the only person worse than him is Jim Harbaugh. Corso delivered that sick burn before donning the Bucky Badger head, which resembles a skunk in a turtleneck (credit: Sportspickle?).

Mascot Antics

The Michigan Wolverine sure looks different these days:

No need to point. We see you, Sir.

Probable Week 8 GameDay Location:

Let’s talk this out. It’s possible they will pick Mississippi State at LSU, but I presume they will save Baton Rouge for the Alabama game. With that said, I have two contenders: NC State at Clemson or Colorado at Washington. Given the schedule, it’s likely that this is the only time Clemson is poised to host GameDay this season since both teams are presently ranked. If Colorado and Washington both win, however, GameDay goes there.

Trivia answers:

Mike Leach’s last Google search was “Jack Parsons (rocket engineer)”. Naturally.
Pitt and Notre Dame have faced off for 109 years.

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