College GameDay remains one of ESPN’s best weekly programs. The atmosphere is always great on location, and today’s broadcast from Stillwater was no exception.

In town for today’s Oklahoma/Oklahoma State Bedlam game (4 PM Eastern, FS1), the crew finished up the show with their traditional picks segment. And as he’s often done, Lee Corso announced his choice by donning the head of a mascot costume, in this case the comically oversized head of Pistol Pete:

But that wasn’t all, because “Pistol” is right there in Pete’s name:

That’s objectively funny. Twitter agreed:

There’s a real possibility Corso thinks Oklahoma will win the game, but he just wanted to put on the head and fire off some guns while soaking up the adoration of the Stillwater crowd.

Who could blame him?

It does beg the question: what would be too much for Corso to do? If GameDay goes to Georgia Tech/Georgia, would Corso consider smashing open a hornet’s nest? Let’s hope so!

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