Oklahoma and Georgia went into double overtime in an insane Rose Bowl, which saw the Bulldogs come out on top 54-48 to advance to the national title game.

But the high-scoring game going into two overtimes caused a problem for ESPN, in that the Alabama-Clemson Sugar Bowl had also started.

ESPN warned viewers that the Sugar Bowl would be on ESPN2 until the conclusion of the Rose Bowl.

So fans looking to watch the Alabama-Clemson game changed the channel to ESPN2, but when the Rose Bowl ended, ESPN2 switched away from the Sugar Bowl without warning. This happened while Alabama had 3rd-and-goal in the Sugar Bowl, so many fans missed a key goal line play — and for some the ensuing fourth down, which resulted in an Alabama field goal — while they were scrambling to find the remote and switch the channel to ESPN.

On some average college football day, this may not be a huge deal, but this is the College Football Playoff Semifinal we’re talking about. Naturally, this switch without warning angered many viewers.

This was obviously a tough situation for ESPN and ESPN2, but at least warn the viewers about the switch or just wait until a commercial break.


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