Chris Russo ranting about airlines on First Take

Just as Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has gripes about the modern athlete, he doesn’t love what he’s seeing from today’s airline industry either.

Russo made his weekly appearance with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take Wednesday morning, and he used his “What are you mad at?” segment to unload on the airline industry after seeing pro golfer Tom Hoge tweet about flying coach.

“Did you see Tom Hoge? He made $1.3 million this week,” Russo noted. “He went coach on the way home. Now, he doesn’t make Smith money, but $1.3 million to fly coach? Has anybody flown coach lately? Has anybody been on an airplane lately? What a disgrace!”

The airline industry has been a frequent punching bag in recent years as rising fees have to the consumer have failed to combat the rate of delays and cancellations. But Russo’s biggest gripe wasn’t about a flight that was short staffed or delayed, it was the fact that first-class just ain’t what it used to be.

“Could you imagine what they bring on these planes, these people? They bring luggage!” Russo ranted. “They bring tuna fish sandwiches! They bring black coffee that spills all over the place! They have all these bags, they put the bags in the first-class compartment when they’re sitting in 36F. This is an absolute disgrace!”

The gall of someone to bring luggage with them on a flight when traveling across the globe! And judging by Russo’s need to talk with his hands, put him near the top of the list of candidates to spill a cup of hot coffee during a flight.

“No wonder he flies Wheels Up,” Russo said alluding to Smith using private jets. “And so do I. And. So. Do. I. I was so freaked out a week ago Tuesday in St. Martin in a first-class seat! It was so jammed, so overwhelmed with people and so noisy, if I didn’t have a Valium I would have jumped out of the cargo door!”

Russo vs the airline industry is a rivalry that really seems to be heating up. Last year, Russo ranted about Delta Airlines causing a “burr up my fanny.” And a few years before that, Russo was on a flight that made an emergency landing in Newfoundland after enduring a frightening mechanical failure. But if an airline would just ban tuna fish from their flights, they might get a frequent flyer in Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.

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