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ESPN’s First Take continued its recent trend of show members debating each other’s outfits and appearance Wednesday, with guest Chris “Mad Dog” Russo earning the mock wrath of host Molly Qerim.

Qerim started off with a jab at Stephen A. Smith for his outfit, which featured a polka-dot shirt.

Smith poked back at Qerim, noting, “You’ve had better days.” When Qerim seemed a bit surprised, Smith responded with a couple of compliments.

“I like the hairdo, I like the black-and-white (outfit), the little matrix look, that kind of stuff, it’s all right,” Smith said.

“It’s actually brown,” Qerim corrected.

Russo then checked into the discussion.

“I think ordinary today,” Russo said to Qerim. “I don’t see anything special.”

“Me?” Qerim asked incredulously.

“A little ordinary,” Russo confirmed.

“I don’t know what’s going on with the vitriol,” Qerim said. “What did you just say? I look ordinary… ordinary.”

Smith swooped in with the save.

“She never looks bad,” he said. “Her ordinary is most folks’ exceptional.”

It’s the second awkward moment in recent weeks involving Russo commenting on Qerim’s appearance. On April 10, when both Qerim and Smith appeared on the show wearing white outfits, Russo asked if they had just gotten married.

“Who said ‘I do’ first between the two of you,” Russo joked.

“Who said ‘I don’t?’” Qerim replied sarcastically.

These two recent outfit-related incidents pale in comparison to a show earlier this year, where guest Dan Orlovsky sniffed Qerim’s shoe. Yes, that actually happened.

“Are you really sniffing the shoe?” Qerim asked in disbelief. “I just got the shoe and I have tights on. Don’t be weird.”

Only it was too late.


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