chris mortensen

Last night featured some big NFL news on a few fronts, with a good player getting the hell out of Miami, another good player trying to get the hell out of Jacksonville, and Trevor Siemian going down with what looked like a horrific injury on Monday Night Football.

All of these stories (or updates to those stories, in Siemian’s case) had one thing in common: they were broken on Twitter by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, either alone or along with his ESPN colleague Chris Mortensen. Here are his relevant tweets, in order:

Interestingly, here’s NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport’s tweets about these three pieces of news.

A minute behind on all of them! Maybe Ian needs better cell service. Oh, and in a series of tweets that are probably completely unrelated, Chris Mortensen made frequent use of the rat emoji:

Definitely nothing to see here, people, please move along.

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