Amid the list of complaints fans and the media have had about Monday Night Football, one of the top complaints has been the monstrosity that is the “Booger Mobile.” The crane like device that looks like something Michael Bay would sit in when he’s directing films has been an eyesore on the sidelines and has blocked the view of fans in the first few rows of the game, all in the name of giving Booger McFarland an elevated sideline view of the game.

For this week’s Patriots/Bills game, McFarland sat in a more streamlined version of the Booger Mobile that looked like it would still give him an elevated perspective and not block as much of the view of the fans behind him.

The most noticeable change was that the big screen TV that was used as a solution to the expected obstructed view was replaced by a pane of plexiglass, a smart move considering all the dildos being thrown from the stands last night in Buffalo.

This isn’t a complete solution. Honestly, McFarland being on the sidelines doesn’t add very much to the broadcast, especially given the criticism lobbed at him and ESPN.

But in all honesty, this…

Looks a lot better than this…

ESPN has gotten plenty of justified criticism for Monday Night Football this season, and the Booger Mobile was just one of many areas that fans had a problem with. Maybe this small change shows that ESPN doesn’t have its head buried in the sand when it comes to Monday Night Football criticism. Maybe there’s a reason to be optimistic about MNF. But maybe there’s not, and fans will just have to keep muting the broadcast, going with the radio feed, or watching the ESPN2 Spanish simulcast instead.

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