Bob Valvano rings the bell after completing chemotherapy treatment.

The last couple of years have seen some health challenges for ESPN college basketball broadcaster and ESPN 680 (Louisville) host Bob Valvano. Valvano was diagnosed with monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis in 2020, and spoke to AA’s Michael Grant in February about the challenges he was facing with that and with back issues. In April, Valvano discussed further health issues he was dealing with on his radio show, and said he’d be taking time off to figure out what was going on. That led to a stage four leukemia diagnosis later that month and the start of treatment in May, but Valvano made a quick recovery, and his leukemia was declared in remission in August. And on Thursday, he tweeted about ringing the bell at Norton Cancer Institute in Louisville to celebrate completing his course of chemotherapy:

That’s great to see for Valvano. Chemotherapy wasn’t an easy process for him, as he described to Grant at AA in August:

That’s not to say the treatment was easy. Chemotherapy takes a toll both physically and mentally. When Valvano first started, he “threw up or dry heaved 14 times in a half hour.” He also suffered from gout for two weeks due to side effects.

His lowest point came six weeks ago when the pain and sickness felt overwhelming.

“I wasn’t thinking of anything drastic, but I said ‘If this is what life’s going to be, it’s not worth it,” he said. “I’m in pain. I can’t even walk to the mailbox. I’ll never be able to play golf again. I can’t do anything.”

Fortunately, things got easier for him after that. There were still some rough days, with this past Sunday even being one, but through that, Valvano remained pretty upbeat. He’s been back on the air, and he was part of a local Kentuckiana Friends of V fundraiser for the V Foundation last month. It’s terrific to see him able to ring the bell here, and hopefully his health will stay strong for years to come.

[Bob Valvano on Twitter]

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