Awful Announcing exists as a company to cover the intersection of sports and media.

In modern vernacular, EVERY site will tell you they cover the intersection of Something and Something Else, usually meant abstractly to the point of being meaningless.

There are times, though, where the intersection of sports and media is impossibly literal, even moreso than simply calling a game. The “foul ball into the booth” would have to be at the top of such a list. On Saturday at the Women’s College World Series, we got a fantastic example of the genre.

Beth Mowins, Jessica Mendoza, and Michele Smith were on the call for Oklahoma’s win over Tennessee when a foul pop headed straight for them. Mowins ended up with the ball, though not without some collateral damage:

A loss of a monitor is a small price to pay for this kind of moment, to be honest. (Other examples: courtside basketball broadcasters ending up with the ball.) (What also always plays about these moments: one broadcaster mocking their boothmate(s) for diving out of the way.)

The only shame is that the ball had to be put back into play. Taking home a WCWS ball as a souvenir would be very cool.

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