Last week, Awful Announcing reported that Barstool Sports was close to a deal with ESPN to launch a late-night show on ESPN2 based on its popular Pardon My Take podcast. According to the information we received, the deal was imminent and the show would premiere shortly thereafter. One week later, Barstool officially announced that their ESPN2 late-night program is indeed happening.

Barstool Van Talk will debut on ESPN2 Oct. 17 and will air Tuesdays at 1 a.m. ET / 10 p.m. PT. Just as with Pardon My Take, the show will be hosted by Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter, with producer Henry “Handsome Hank” Lockwood.

According to an official release from ESPN, Barstool Van Talk will provide original digital shorts, guest interviews and comedy sketches. The show will also include the popular “exit interview” recorded in the back of Barstool’s 1993 conversion van. Segments from Van Talk will be featured on, the ESPN app and ESPN’s YouTube channel,  in addition to the network’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy announced the ESPN2 show early Friday morning from the same spot in Times Square where he announced that Barstool had been acquired by the Chernin Group nearly two years ago, launching the outlet onto a variety of media platforms and significantly increasing the company’s profile.

“Since that time, we have grown roughly five times in size,” said Portnoy, surrounded by at least 20 staffers. “Five times faster than even the big swingin’ dick at the cracker factory, Peter Chernin, thought possible. Since that time, we now have the No. 1 men’s podcast network in the universe. We’ve had shows on Snapchat, Facebook, Sirius, we did a Comedy Central special, and now maybe the coup de grace.

“Erika Nardini has been working for months, and we are proud to announce — you may have heard rumors — Barstool Van Talk is coming to ESPN, featuring Big Cat, PFT, Handsome Hank. It’s coming. It is coming to your TV. Tuesdays. 1 a.m. ESPN2. The sun, the moon, the Milky Way, it is getting so close I can taste it. We can take a bite out of it.”

Those worried that a TV show on ESPN2 might affect Pardon My Take were reassured by Big Cat, PFT and Hank that nothing would change. The podcast will still be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

A 1 a.m. ET time slot is about as late-night as a show can get. You’re nearly pushing early morning at that point on the east coast. But it’s still at a good time on the west coast. At that time, Barstool Van Talk will broadcast after the night’s games are over and won’t get pre-empted (like Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time often did on FS1). Tuesdays are also a good time for the show, coming in after the weekend’s NFL games have been completed and providing an opportunity to maybe look ahead to what’s to come later in the week.

The question now becomes whether or not Pardon My Take‘s devoted audience — presumably accustomed to listening to the podcast on their own time, on demand — will tune in for a TV show scheduled at a particular time.

Once again, Barstool Van Talk will premiere next Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 1 a.m. ET/ 10 p.m. PT on ESPN2.

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