On this week’s edition of the Awful Announcing podcast, ESPN fixture Tony Reali joined host Ben Heisler to talk about the revamped Around the Horn, being authentic with viewers, his career at ESPN, and much more.

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Here’s what Heisler and Reali chatted about

  •  4:00 – His connection to Staten Island and his connection to the Impractical Jokers
  •  6:00 – His move to New York several years ago, working at the new ESPN Seaport studios and the family connection it has for him
  • 10:10 – Is it surreal since he joined ESPN 18+ years ago
  • 14:40 – Early role models in the industry and trying to remain himself as a personality
  • 19:45 – Does he feel like he gets enough feedback from his peers/bosses
  • 22:50 – What does he remember about his first episode of hosting Around the Horn
  • 26:40 – The moments throughout his career where he started to change and work through the uncomfortable to feel more himself
  • 32:00 – The importance of authenticity in this business
  • 35:40 – His struggles with mental health and anxiety and if it helped connecting and sharing those details with viewers/social media
  • 42:50 – His goal to find more humanity in sports television and his connection and love for Anthony Bourdain
  • 47:20 – Who would he most like to have as a guest on Around the Horn?

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