Another episode of the AA podcast right before your Thanksgiving holiday gets started.

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This week, Ken Fang, Joe Lucia, and Andrew Bucholtz join host Ben Heisler and discuss the most recent headlines in the sports media world. Some highlights:

0-8:30: The gang discusses Scott Van Pelt’s extension, his recent comments on cord cutting, and the future of personality driven SportsCenters.

8:30-15:30: Did Disney make the right call extending John Skipper’s contract? What challenges are most pressing going forward for him and ESPN?

15:30-23:00: How will sports networks be affected by the looming changes of net neutrality?

23:00- 27:00: What sport or event moving networks has been the biggest disappointment at its new network?

27:15-30:30: Who is the biggest sports media turkey of the year?

30:45- 34:00: Chris goes 2/2 playing our Clippit trivia game.

35:00-1:22:00: Domonique Foxworth joins Ben Heisler to discuss his career path, the future of football, and the NFL anthem controversy.

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