This week, ESPN’s Adnan Virk joined Ben Koo on the podcast to discuss his career at ESPN, the Oscars, and general movie-related stuff.

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Here’s the rundown of Ben and Adnan’s discussion.

  • 5:35 – When he first made the decision to take the gig at ESPN and move his family to America
  • 10:30 – Growing his opportunities at ESPN
  • 20:40 – What did he think was his big break professionally
  • 26:03 – What would he want as his ultimate role at ESPN
  • 30:05 – Are the Oscars his favorite work event to cover?
  • 37:03 – Which films should fans cram in before the Academy Awards?
  • 42:20 – What’s the perfect movie experience for you?
  • 45:55 – Can a relationship work when a couple doesn’t have overlapping taste in film?
  • 48:21 – Rapid-fire movie questions
  • 50:41 – What’s the most disappointed you’ve been after seeing a movie
  • 55:30 – What are movies people would be surprised to hear that you love
  • 58:15 – Would he ever consider a professional career in the film industry
  • 1:00:18 – What are films you’re most excited about to come out in the next year

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