We’re back again with another episode of the AA podcast.

This week Joe Lucia and Ken Fang join host Ben Heisler and discuss the most recent headlines in the sports media world.

1:30-10:00 What to make of the ESPN and Barstool Sports partnership and how it hasn’t gone over well with Sam Ponder and others at ESPN.

10:00-17:00 What’s the future of Jemele Hill and SC6 going forward?

17:00-21:30 Where will Katie Nolan land at ESPN?

21:30-24:00 How screwed is Fox/FS1 with the US not making the World Cup?

24:30-31:00 Halfway through MLB’s current TV deals, what changes should we look for in their next deal?

31:00-34:00 Can anyone challenge the Warriors this year? Will it affect ratings?

34:30-38:30 Abe calls in and wins $50 playing our Clippit trivia game.

Casey Stern then joined Ben Heisler for a feature interview.

39:00-51:00 Casey discusses getting his big break on ESPN’s dream job.

57:30-59:00 Casey discusses getting his start at SiriusXM

59:00-1:02 Career advice on how to deal with setbacks.

1:08- 1:13 Ben and Casey discuss the benefits of doing local media opposed to national media.

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