Iowa native and former Iowa student Ashton Kutcher served as the celebrity guest picker for College GameDay in Ames this week ahead of the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry showdown.

If you’re an online person, you probably saw the recent stories about how Kutcher and Mila Kunis don’t bathe daily. You know which audience is typically very online? College students, like, say, those that would make up the on-site GameDay audience. Because of that, the festive atmosphere, and a general willingness for the Iowa State crowd to make fun of a former Iowa student, we were treated to not one but multiple examples of strong crowd chants aimed at Kutcher’s hygenic practices.

The chants as Kutcher prepared to start his selection segment were, admittedly, choice:

Kutcher also brought some real and actual analysis to the table when it came time to make his pick (the Hawkeyes), but even without the statistical evidence he cited, after those chants it’s hard to imagine Kutcher going with the home team.

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