I’m not a regular viewer of NBC’s Saturday Night Live these days, but when the show tweeted out a First Take sketch that was cut from Saturday’s season finale, my interest was piqued.

In the segment, Chloe Fineman plays Molly Qerim, host Natasha Lyonne plays Michael Rapaport, Kenan Thompson takes on the role of Kendrick Perkins, and Chris Redd delivers a pretty damn good Stephen A. Smith impression.

Redd’s Smith is far and away the highlight, as he does a great job nailing Smith’s tone and cadence. He also gets a couple of pretty good lines, as does Fineman’s Qerim (mostly taking shots at First Take‘s audience, described as “unemployed dads” and “airport bar viewers”).

However, it’s tough for any sports sketch to hold a candle to the “Sweet Sassy Molassey” SportsCenter sketch starring Ray Romano and Tim Meadows.

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