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There are some weird takes and opinions about Thanksgiving out there, but none stranger than what Adam Schefter posed.

Is it stuffing, is it dressing? Does macaroni and cheese belong on the table? And if so, should it have breadcrumbs on top? Dare we mention, lasagna? Is turkey underwhelming, or is yours just dry? There is no shortage of Thanksgiving hot takes, but Schefter trumped them all.

Schefter joined The Pat McAfee Show Monday afternoon, and during his appearance, ESPN’s top NFL insider attempted to change the landscape of Turkey Day.

“Be that I now I have this platform, they should lobby and make Thanksgiving the last Thursday, or last Friday, or even the last Saturday of every month,” Schefter declared. “At the end of the Thanksgiving. How bout that?”

Wut? The look on McAfee’s face echoed all of our reactions while listening to Schefter’s attempt at fixing Thanksgiving. Maybe he misspoke? Let’s give Schefter a chance to explain himself.

“Can we just make Thanksgiving a permanent part of the last weekend of the month?” Schefter continued. “Well I guess it turns into that anyway. I’m confusing my holidays, sorry…I confused my holidays! I had a brain cramp, I confused and Thanksgiving, I’m so sorry.”

If ever there was a need for the “Everyone is now dumber” gif. Schefter attempted to explain his “make Thanksgiving…the last Saturday of every month” and managed to make it worse. He confused Thanksgiving with Halloween? How does that happen? And even if it did happen, does that mean he wants Halloween to be part of the last weekend of every month? Why? There are so many questions and very few answers to this “brain cramp.”

Maybe this was just a case of Schefter trying to be one of the guys by attempting to prove he gets the progrum. Schefter was so focused on being cool and interesting that he started talking without any direction. Or maybe, Schefter is so busy covering the NFL every November that he doesn’t know what Thanksgiving is, in which case, he deserves a little sympathy.

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