When the second quarter of Game 7 between the Pacers and Knicks began, the ESPN on ABC broadcast was still at commercial. Photo Credit: ESPN on ABC. Photo Credit: ESPN on ABC.

ESPN came under criticism on Sunday for a mistake made early in the second quarter of Sunday’s Game 7 between the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks. What was the mistake in question? Viewers couldn’t see part of the game.

The Pacers had a historic start to Game 7, opening up a 39-27 lead after the first quarter. When the game came back from commercial, the standard pre-taped interview between sideline reporter Lisa Salters and Indiana coach Rick Carlisle aired as the live game was shown on a split screen. Only, play had already resumed and the Pacers now led 41-27, thanks to a basket from Aaron Nesmith.

Play-by-play man Mike Breen acknowledged and apologized for the mistake.

“We apologize coming back late,” Breen said. “The first bucket of the second quarter — Nesmith, as they started before we came out of commercial.”

In the grand scheme of things, missing roughly the opening 30 seconds of the second quarter of an NBA game isn’t a huge deal, even if it is a Game 7.

But even before the opening tip, viewers were annoyed with ESPN on ABC’s broadcast of Game 7. With that, viewers were in no hurry to cut ESPN any slack for this mistake.

[Photo Credit: ESPN on ABC]

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