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“Look for a guy who’s got a high butt.”

The Red Sox-Orioles series at Fenway Park this week featured an absurd amount of drama and was the talk of baseball.

For example, it had Red Sox fans tossing peanuts and racial slurs at Adam Jones (before giving him a standing ovation a day later), a crazy triple play that confused Bob Costas, a beanball war that led to a ridiculous ejection of Kevin Gausman, and Manny Machado dropping 12 F-bombs in a rant about the Red Sox and throwing at his head.

You would’ve assumed there was enough material to work with, but ESPN spent a portion of Monday night’s broadcast talking about butts (granted, this was Game 1 of the series). Specifically, Tim Kurkjian was going on about odd things Orioles manager Buck Showalter looks for when scouting players. Like, a “high butt”:

A quick google search turned up results of Showalter indeed talking about this in the past, specifically about former star first baseman Derrek Lee (my former favorite player even, but I had never noticed his high butt qualities):

“You don’t see a lot of good power hitters or good pitchers that generate arm speed that don’t have a good, high butt on them,” Showalter said. And he thinks Derrek Lee is close to the ideal. “I don’t want to say he’s got a perfect butt, but when I look at it I
say, Wow.” 

And that right there has to rank among my favorite baseball quotes of all-time.

Oh, and the Red Sox-Orioles broadcast featured this moment from Kurkjian too:

ESPN shows video of Joe Mixon punching female student after Mixon drafted by Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals — of course it was the Bengals — were the team to draft Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, after he punched a female student in the face in 2014. And in a controversial move, ESPN chose to show video of the assault after the pick was announced. Cincinnati is hoping that Mixon can prove the doubters wrong and positively contribute on the field this season, as the NFL experts have pegged the regular season Over/Under for the Bengals at only 8.5 wins.

Here’s what ESPN showed (so if you don’t want to see the incident yourself, don’t watch this):

Awful Announcing tweeted a poll about ESPN’s decision to show the Mixon incident, and here are the results:

Trey Wingo eats a Philly Cheesesteak during ESPN’s coverage of the NFL Draft

Lol at Bomani Jones here while Papi Le Batard raps Future’s “High Demand”

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