Pat McAfee-Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is in the middle of his third year as a weekly guest on The Pat McAfee Show. And the Green Bay Packers quarterback is making sure the radio host doesn’t get too corporate on him.

Rodgers didn’t sign up to do McAfee’s show because of the host’s media prowess. He went there to ensure he wouldn’t be pestered by standard sports reporter questions. Tuesday afternoon, Rodgers joined McAfee for his weekly appearance, and he subtly jabbed the former punter for becoming part of the traditional media by joining ESPN’s College GameDay.

Toward the beginning of their conversation, McAfee kicked off the football portion of the interview with a question that lasted 30 seconds, and although it was tough to follow, it ultimately attempted to press Rodgers on how much longer he expects to play.

“That’s about eight different questions,” Rodgers said with pause as he tried to process everything McAfee fired his way in the previous 30 seconds. “So I’m trying to figure out which one I want to attack first though.

“You’re really becoming a media personality there, Pat,” Rodgers added with some snide. “All that work on GameDay is paying off for you.”

As if calling McAfee a “media personality” wasn’t filled with enough snide, calling him out for being on ESPN was overflowing with spite from Rodgers.

In September, McAfee joined ESPN’s College GameDay as a full-time member. This came after he already signed on to host a Saturday Night Football alternacast for Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions on ESPN2.

Although McAfee’s ESPN work has no bearing on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers appears reluctant to watch his friend sell out as a real media member. Interestingly, Rodgers seems more apt to answer McAfee Show-like questions about fearing death than sportsball questions about the Packers.

If McAfee does eventually go full-tilt into the media, Rodgers thankfully still has other options for shows that he trusts. Those include The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, Pardon My Take, The Joe Rogan Experience, Club Random with Bill Maher, and Jeopardy!

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