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Aaron Rodgers returned for his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Friday and made clear he wants to beat recovery timelines for the Achilles’ tear he suffered in Week One. In his first interview since the tear, Rodgers pointed out “there are a lot of different views on the expected length of the rehab” and “just because somebody hasn’t ever done it a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.”

The quarterback added “give me your doubts … and then watch what I do.”

Rodgers said since injuring the tendon, he has been on the phone with experts and other athletes to discuss their approaches.

He called his rehab plan “pretty damn good” and said it would “shock some people.”

But while McAfee and Rodgers have developed a strong rapport over multiple seasons doing weekly interviews, McAfee couldn’t help but poke some fun at Rodgers in their first on-air conversation since the injury.

“I don’t know what Dr. Joe Rogan told you to do, but I can’t wait,” McAfee chortled.

Rodgers was limited on details of how he could approach recovery differently than others. He said he would hold his approach “tight to the vest,” but he referenced his decision to get the surgery so quickly after the injury as one tactic.

Rodgers also joked that “there’s an idea that the noise from the dolphins with some of their lovemaking, the frequency of that is actually healing to the body.”

NFL athletes like Terrell Suggs and Cam Akers have returned in fewer than six months after Achilles’ tears, but even that timetable would put Rodgers in line to come back for the playoffs at best. And even Suggs was just 28 when he suffered the injury, whereas Rodgers is 39.

Rodgers seems confident he has a chance to beat those expectations.

Asked if he was planning a return in the 2023 season, Rodgers demurred.

“I’m not going to make any of those statements, I don’t think that’s fair to myself,” Rodgers told the McAfee crew.

“I’m going to try and push this thing as much as it will allow me to … and see what the conversation is from there.”

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