ESPN reportedly wanted to bring back Ron Jaworski, but Disney wouldn’t allow it – September 18

ESPN wanted to bring Jaws back into the mix after letting him go during layoffs, but Disney wouldn’t allow it.

Kyrie Irving mocked Max Kellerman during a “very much woke” First Take appearance – September 18

Kyrie Irving is not a fan of Max Kellerman.

“I made a decision as a man, and as a man over there, Max Kellerman, just respect it and leave it alone.”

Tiki Barber is reportedly set to join Ronde Barber in Fox booth for Giants-Buccaneers – September 19

Do you like the Barber brothers? Well, good news! Tiki and Ronde Barber will broadcast the New York Giants-Tampa Bay Buccaneers matchup together on October 1st on Fox.

It turns out former Bears CB Charles Tillman left Fox to train to join the FBI – September 19

Charles Tillman had good reason to leave the Fox Sports studio – he’s training to join the FBI.

Ryen Russillo is “so sick of watching the average-as-hell New York Giants” in primetime – September 19

Ryen Russillo went on an epic rant about being sick of watching the New York Giants in nationally televised games.

In an ESPN echo chamber moment, Will Cain went on First Take and ripped Kyrie Irving’s interview – September 20

Will Cain went in on Kyrie, accusing him of dodging all the tough questions and considering himself a “philosopher king.”

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