attends ESPN The Party on February 5, 2016 in San Francisco, California.

Could ESPN really bail on Monday Night Football after 2021? – October 30

ESPN could ditch Monday Night Football for a variety of reasons, including disappointment with games and the cost involved.

UCLA coach Jim Mora takes swipe at ESPN’s Brock Huard for questioning Josh Rosen’s toughness – October 31

Jim Mora wasn’t a fan of ESPN analyst Brock Huard questioning QB Josh Rosen’s toughness.

Papa John’s pulls some of its NFL advertising, says player protests are causing decline in sales – November 1

Papa John’s is taking a firm stance against the NFL, pulling ads and suggesting declining sales are thanks to player protests.

Was Jerry Jones, Papa John’s second-largest stakeholder, behind John Schnatter’s protest comments? – November 2

Papa John’s stakeholder/franchisee and owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones might have been behind the move.

SportsTime Ohio host Bruce Drennan learns of Browns’ failed trade on-air, facepalms – November 2

Bruce Drennan’s reaction to the Browns/Bengals A.J. McCarron trade screwup is great.

ESPN’s new social media policy says reporters shouldn’t break news on Twitter, should avoid social issues – November 2

ESPN’s new social policy urges reporters to break news on ESPN platforms and not Twitter (though this won’t apply to all reporters). It also suggests avoiding social issues and politics.

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