The final rounds of the NFL Draft have long been the haven of diehard football fans. If you’re sticking around to watch as your team essentially fills out the practice squad, you’re clearly there for football reasons.

Which made ESPN’s decision to deploy a OneRepublic remote performance in the middle of the sixth round a fascinating choice. Even Trey Wingo seemed a bit confused as to why it was happening as he transitioned to the concert from a John Harbaugh interview.

While it was ostensibly to raise money for charity (although there have to be much better charitable options than whatever the NFL is involved with here) it left a lot of viewers somewhere on the confused-to-outraged spectrum.

This last one might be the most relevant critique, too:

The draft broadcast has been very good overall (especially given the circumstances under which it’s being produced), today’s coverage did have a noticeably lengthy lag between players being picked and players being talked about. (If they were talking about players at all, given the various distractions.) It’s always tougher in later rounds to keep up anyway, and there’s only so much you can say about fringe prospects, but tossing in a OneRepublic performance certainly didn’t help anything.

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