Tuesday, March 30, 2010 — Bristol, CT — Studio A — SportsCenter on the Clock — ESPN’s studio coverage surrounding the 2010 NFL Draft

Let’s face it: Aside from trades and your team’s picks, the NFL Draft is a colossal bore.

The three-day, 16-hour extravaganza is a name-reading marathon and can put even the most ardent NFL supporter to sleep.

As such, we’re providing NFL fans (watching on ESPN, that is) with an accompanying drinking game to pass the time by boozing to all the most overused buzzwords, clichés, and traditions of the draft.

* Note: Don’t be a moron. Know your limit and don’t drink & drive.

Sip drink every time Trey Wingo says:

1. “On the clock”
2. “The pick is in”
3. “Here’s the commissioner”
4. “Schefty”
5. “National Football League”

Drink 1 every time Mel Kiper, Louis Riddick or Todd McShay says:
6. “Long arms”
7. “Tremendous upside”
8. “Extremely raw”
9. “Stiff hips”
10. “Character issues”
11. “Can make all the throws”
12. “Productivity”
13. “Playmaker”
14. “Versatility”
15. “Best player available”
16. “High ceiling”
17. “Value” OR “Need vs. value”
18. “Skill set” OR “Ball skills”
19. “High risk, high reward” OR “Boom or bust”
20. A player’s height & weight OR 40-time

Drink 2 every time the following is used to describe a white player:
21. “Deceptive speed” OR “Sneaky athletic”
22. “Gym rat” OR “Work ethic”
23. “High motor”
24. “Grit”
25. “High football IQ”
26. “Hard-nosed”
27. “Intangibles”
28. “Student of the game” OR “Coach on the field”
29. “First guy in, last guy out” OR “Lunch-pail mentality”
30. Comparison to another white player

Drink 3 every time Jon Gruden says:
31. “I love this pick!” OR “I want him on my team!”
32. Curses on air
33. Mentions his QB Camp
34. Reads a player’s college statistics or awards
35. Says a play name (i.e. “Spider 2 Y Banana”)

Chug drink every time:
36. Adam Schefter takes a phone call on air
37. Someone slips & says “St. Louis Rams” or “San Diego Chargers”
38. Trey Wingo makes a Rocky OR cheesesteak reference
39. You hear the words “Johnny Manziel,” “Tim Tebow” OR “Deflategate”
40. Mel Kiper screams, “Todd! Todd! Todd!” at Todd McShay

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