Mike Golic Sr. and Jr. Credit: DraftKings

“Mike and Mike, too” was right there, guys.

Alas, when Mike Golic Sr. and son Mike Golic Jr. unite to host a new DraftKings Network weekday morning show, it will be known as “GoJo and Golic.”

That show, as first reported by The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch, will air from 8-10 a.m. ET on Samsung TV Plus and DraftKingsNetwork.com. Deitsch has initially reported that the show was in the works back in April.

Jessie Coffield will also be part of the show, appearing from the DraftKings studio in Boston while the Golics broadcast in Arizona and California.

“Me and Dad talked about this for a while,” Golic Jr. told Deitsch. “What if we gave this a real shot again? It seemed like people enjoyed it before. It did not end on our terms with our show last time around, so we sort of get a chance to go out here and write the ending however we see fit.”

Both Golics have a long history in the radio world, specifically with ESPN. The elder Golic spent nearly 18 years as the co-host of “Mike & Mike” with Mike Greenberg, though that pairing ended acrimoniously in 2017. He paired himself up with Trey Wingo Golic Jr. for a new show but that sputtered out and he left ESPN Radio altogether in 2020. The younger Golic continued to work as an afternoon host until early 2022.

“It became a collaborative effort with DraftKings,” Golic Sr. told Deitsch. “They said, ‘Well, if you want to do this, we think the natural thing is to put you and your son back together. As long as I did a show at ESPN, from Tony Bruno to Greeny (Mike Greenberg) to Wingo, the most fun I had was doing it with one of my kids. So this was a no-brainer.”

Both Golics will continue to handle their ongoing radio play-by-play duties, with Golic Sr. calling NFL games on Westwood One while Golic Jr. calls college football games for Learfield. Golic Sr. will also continue to co-host his weekly DraftKings show with Jessica Smetana and Golic Jr. will presumably continue his GoJo Show podcast.

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