Gus Johnson reacts to Mike Golic Jr.'s Resurrection Day tweet. Screengrab: GoJo and Golic

Perhaps one of the best uses of AI to date is an image of Jesus Christ crossing over the Devil. That image went viral on X (formerly Twitter) when Mike Golic Jr. posted it to his timeline on Easter. And Golic, who hosts the GoJo and Golic podcast on DraftKings with his father, asked the critical question, imagining what it would be like to hear Gus Johnson calling the resurrection of Christ.

Johnson calls just about everything else, so it wouldn’t exactly be a stretch.

But it was a funny yet light-hearted moment that highlighted Johnson’s versatility as a play-by-play voice and his enthusiasm, which shines through on every broadcast, no matter the sport.

On Wednesday’s edition of the GoJo and Golic show, Johnson thanked Golic Jr. for tweeting that photo over a month ago. He shared that sentiment before Wednesday’s appearance but wanted to make it known to the audience at home.

“Thank you for sending out that cool picture on Easter. When tweeted, it’d be nice to see me call Resurrection Day, and you had Jesus crossing over the Devil. I thought that was dope. To be honest with you, I’ve thought about it. What would that be like if I did have the chance to call Jesus on Resurrection Day after three days of coming out of the tomb and jumping back onto the scene? ‘You thought I was gone, but I’m all the way back!’ You know, something like that, so that would’ve been cool.

“I think I might’ve used an LL Cool J line. ‘Jesus pops out, everybody sees him. He rises from the dead, and Jesus looks on and says, don’t call it a comeback; I’ve been here for years.’ I think that’s LL Cool J or Run DMC — one of the two. Just Jesus striking the pose…”

Yeah, we might actually need the legendary announcer to do this on his own accord because this was awesome. It just further proves that no matter the event, he always, always brings it.

[GoJo and Golic on X]

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