It’s finally happening: non-DirecTV subscribers can subscribe to the streaming version of DirecTV this fall.

The TV Answerman reported this on Friday, and a look at the Sunday Ticket website confirms that it’s true.

However, the big caveat here is that the streaming version of Sunday Ticket will only be available in certain markets. The good news is that many of those markets are NFL markets, and many of the markets are larger. A cursory comparison of Nielsen’s top markets and the list of eligible markets (you can check your eligibility on DirecTV’s site) shows that the largest market without eligibility is Raleigh, followed by Nashville and Salt Lake City.

The NFL markets without access are Buffalo, Cincinnati, the previously mentioned Nashville, Kansas City, Green Bay (and Milwaukee, for whatever that’s worth), and New Orleans.

As for the cost, it’s $73.49 a month (or $293.96 for the season) for the “to go” package. The “max” package costs $99 a month (or $395.99 for the season), and includes the Red Zone Channel and DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone Channel. Subscribers to either package will receive all out of market games every Sunday (so no Thursday Night, Sunday Night, or Monday Night Football, along with any potential Saturday games), and you can stream the content on a variety of platforms, including Roku, Android, Apple, and Google devices.

So if you’re either not comfortable going to crowded bars to watch NFL games this fall or your favorite bar still isn’t open, you can still legally watch your favorite out of market team every Sunday. This was the perfect year for DirecTV to take this step, and I’m somewhat surprised they finally did it.

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