A DirecTV Sugar Bowl error message.

Putting big sports events in 4K resolution has been a selling point for pay-TV providers like DirecTV, but it doesn’t always go smoothly. In particular, the 4K broadcast of the Sugar Bowl between the No. 5 Georgia Bulldogs and the No. 7 Baylor Bears Wednesday seemed to have some significant problems. Twitter filled up with reports of the picture going out at times on the 4K broadcast (which is on a special channel, not the regular ESPN feed), error messages telling viewers to tune to the regular HD ESPN feed instead, and the sound not working for large portions of the game:

That’s not a great look for a 4K broadcast to have such a prolonged sound outage, especially considering the picture outages as well. These broadcasts are big advertising focuses for companies like DirecTV (and parent AT&T), but if they’re not going to run smoothly, they might want to back off a bit on promoting them.


[Photo via @oldlineman58]

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