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Sometimes tweets get sent out that should never have been sent out.

Canadian sports network TSN sent one of those tweets Tuesday night and while they quickly deleted it, the damage had been done.

After the Texas State Bobcats put together an impressive 15-play drive against the Rice Owls late in the first half of the First Responder Bowl, they capped it with a field goal as time expired to take the halftime lead.

An event worth tweeting out, sure. Only someone in the TSN social media department got a little confused, and tweeted this:

“Texas State takes the First Responder Bowl over Rice with a game-winning FG!”

As noted, the @TSN_Sports account quickly deleted the tweet, but such errors live on in infamy on the Internet.


As a helpful hint, this was not the game-winning field goal. The ESPN/ESPN+ score bug at the bottom of the screen said Texas State 24, Rice 21, HALFTIME.

Someone in the TSN social media department just got carried away as the Bobcats kicked that field goal to end the half. Yet in a development that must be purely coincidental and is in no way related to that (at least one would hope), one Texas State fan sent this tweet out late in the first half.

“Only at a #TXST bowl game … would beer stands be running out of booze BEFORE HALFTIME! Part of me is not surprised, and honestly kinda proud 😂. But also, SERIOUSLY?! How does that happen?!



[TSN X; Photo Credit: TSN/X]

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