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Pat McAfee has already riled everyone up on the College Football Playoff broadcast. The infectious McAfee decided to master the art of phrasing early on in the game.

As Georgia marched down the field on TCU, McAfee offered up banter that you just expected out of him. “With where you guys are standing down there, the Georgia Bulldogs are about to come right in your face,” McAfee said.

“Max Duggan hands off, BIG… GAPING… HOLES!!” he continued.

Well, that story sure checks out doesn’t it? In fairness, “BIG… GAPING… HOLES” seems to be a popular phrase amongst the McAfee pack. So, in some respect, everyone can appreciate a good, running gag. And when you bring Pat McAfee in, this is really the expectation that’s set. He will be loud, he will be outrageous, and he will probably be entertaining.

Naturally, many responded with laughter to the jokes. McAfee has a huge following and has built up a reputation as a funnyman who offers up something different than the usual sportscaster. It’s partially why he’s gained so much fame and why he’s continued up the ladder.

It’s likely that this won’t be the last time that we hear a joke or a wise-crack from McAfee. In fact, you should probably bet on it not being the last time.

That’s just the way the man goes.

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